As a signatory to the National Pro Bono Target, we provide expert pro bono services

Pro bono services are essential to promoting access to justice. Our vision that the law should do good and our mission to help people get to where they want to go is consistent with our commitment to continue to provide pro bono services.

Since foundation, MPS Law has had a track record of providing several hundred pro bono hours every year. In 2020, MPS Law signed up to the National Pro Bono Target through the Australian Pro Bono Centre. The National Pro Bono Target is a voluntary commitment to provide at least 35 pro bono hours, for every lawyer.

In the past, MPS Law has provided pro bono services to native title claim groups, start ups and registered not-for-profit associations. The Managing Director of a pro bono client recently provided the following testimonial about our pro bono services:

I found them to be knowledgeable, professional, and committed to seeing the job through, despite the myriad of COVID 19-related distractions that were going on at the same time. I would happily work with them again.

The Chairperson of a not-for-profit education organisation provided the following further testimonial:

Michael Pagsanjan assisted us with expert advice in the negotiation and execution of a commercial lease. Michael worked alongside us during the negotiations to ensure that we achieved a positive outcome. Importantly, we were able to develop a constructive working relationship with the other party which was a high priority for our ongoing interactions. This type of mediated negotiation, and proactive attitude to resolving issues, was highly effective and was appreciated by everyone involved.

The Australian Pro Bono Centre provides a helpful definition of pro bono legal services, available here. The definition includes:

Giving legal assistance for free or at a substantially reduced fee to:

  1. individuals who can demonstrate a need for legal assistance but cannot obtain Legal Aid or otherwise access the legal system without incurring significant financial hardship; or

  2. individuals or organisations whose matter raises an issue of public interest which would not otherwise be pursued; or

  3. charities, other not-for-profit organisations or social enterprises, in each case where their sole or primary purpose is to work in the interests of low income or disadvantaged members of the community, or for the public good.

Not all matters are suitable for pro bono services, and MPS Law will think very carefully about which matters to assist to maximise the benefit of pro bono services, based on our experience and the definition of pro bono legal services.

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