Native title corporations hold, manage, and protect recognised native title rights and interests.  We have developed a checklist to see how healthy your corporation is.


Native title corporations should:

  • be managed in a way that is transparent and promotes accountability;
  • act in accordance with the law; and
  • ensure their directors act professionally, responsibly and plan for the future.

MPS Law has worked with native title corporations (or ‘RNTBCs’) and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations across Australia and has developed a checklist to assist you in determining how healthy your corporation is.  We encourage you to read this document in conjunction with our heritage survey checklist, native title benefits checklist, RNTBC AGM checklist and template letter agreement for heritage surveys in native title land.

The checklist is available here.

Note: This document is intended as a guide only to assist directors and members in ensuring their corporation is well managed.  This does not constitute legal advice.  The issues and questions set out are of a general nature and may not reflect your specific circumstances.  There may be additional and important issues that should be considered when evaluating the actions of the corporation.  If you or your organisation has a legal problem you should obtain professional advice from a legal practitioner.