Native title parties are often required to negotiate agreements with project proponents on mining, oil and gas and exploration agreements. We have created a checklist to help with negotiations.

Negotiations are complex, but can result in significant benefits to native title parties, as well as certainty for project proponents.

We have been fortunate to negotiate several landmark agreements, and continue to act for native title parties and project proponents in land access matters.

We have developed a checklist to help native title parties, like claim groups and registered native title body corporates, check their processes and agreements. You can download the checklist here.

MPS Law strongly encourages you to read this document in conjunction with our Healthy Contract Checklist and Native Title Decision Checklist. Click here to access the Heathy Contract Checklist and here to access the Native Title Decision checklist.

Like all templates and checklist, this is intended as a guide only to assist with the negotiation of a native title mining agreement. This does not constitute legal advice. The issues and questions set out are of a general nature and may not reflect your specific circumstances. There may be additional and important issues that should be covered by an agreement in your specific circumstances, depending on the nature of the arrangement you wish to enter into and the circumstances of the contracting parties. If you or your organisation has a legal problem you should obtain professional advice from a legal practitioner.

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