This checklist is to help RNTBCs plan and hold Annual General Meetings.

Registered Native Title Body Corporates are required to hold an Annual General Meeting before December each year. Procedurally, these meetings are held to ensure that RNTBC members have an opportunity to comment, make decisions and elect directors.

Practically, these meetings are a key opportunity for community to hold the RNTBC accountable. These meetings provide community with a platform to make key decisions which effect their interests and enjoyment of country.

You can view the checklist here.


Note: This document is intended as a guide only to assist with the facilitation of RNTBC AGMs in accordance with the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 (Cth). This does not constitute legal advice. The issues and questions set out are of a general nature and may not reflect your specific circumstances. There may be additional and important considerations that should be taken into account in your specific circumstances, depending on the requirements of your corporation and its rule book. If you or your organisation has a legal problem, you should obtain professional advice from a legal practitioner.