For example, we can help you to write that tricky letter to your current or former employer, get that outstanding bill paid by a supplier, give advice and generate options in a dispute between a tenant and landlord, help to resolve a commercial dispute, or, appear on your behalf in Court or a Tribunal. We can also negotiate with you or on your behalf to get you the best possible deal in the most efficient way possible.

Our Principal Michael Pagsanjan is a nationally accredited mediator and can provide mediation services to help resolve disputes without the need for Court or Tribunal proceedings. He is also an expert negotiator as a member of the Scotwork Negotiation alumni, having negotiated countless agreements that realise the full benefits open to the parties.

We understand that using a lawyer to resolve disputes or negotiate your agreement can be costly, so we offer free initial consultations to help you decide whether or not you need our legal services, or, if the matter is better resolved in an alternative way.

In matters that we are unable to provide direct assistance, we have a network of lawyers outside of MPS Law who share our values that we can recommend. 

Some of MPS Law’s recent clients include small businesses and start-ups companies. 


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