These services include providing high level commercial advice and negotiation services, utilising MPS Law’s extensive experience in the negotiation of large scale commercial agreements. MPS Law also conducts governance and management reviews to make recommendations on how organisations can improve.

MPS Law has also recently advised performing arts companies, tech start-ups and music festival organisations, by providing advice, drafting policies and reviewing and redrafting key contracts.

The Director of a not-for-profit client who received advice on redrafting key contracts provided the following testimonial on MPS Law services:

Thank you … it was a pleasure for us to work with you, and your generosity was very much appreciated.

The Director of an e-commerce company who received sought assistance legal drafting provided the following testimonial on MPS Law services:

The team at MPS Law have been a pleasure to work with. They took the time to understand my business/industry and were able to quickly draw up an agreement to protect my business. Michael [Pagsanjan] and Kai [Sinor] were both extremely knowledgeable and delivered on time. The documentation was very straight forward which made it easy to follow their mark ups. I look forward to working with MPS Law in the future. If you’re looking for lawyers who’ll understand your business and deliver on time, reach out to Michael and the team.

A particular specialty of MPS Law is providing services to Indigenous corporations and trusts. Some of MPS Law’s recent clients include Antakarinja Matu-Yankunytjatjara Native Title Aboriginal Corporation, Queensland South Native Title Services Ltd and Central Desert Native Title Services. Our services provide outstanding value for money, offering ‘fixed fee’ or as ‘as-you-need-it’ packages. 

A CEO of a recent Aboriginal corporation client provided the following testimonial for our services:

It is rare to find a law firm that understands so well the context of Aboriginal corporations. MPS’ advice was high quality, succinct, in plain English and practical for us to implement. Their staff were responsive and inspired great confidence.


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